Red Rum lyrics

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Artist(s)Project Pat
Album(s)Murderers & Robbers

Red Rum
Red Rum
Red Rum
Red Rum

[Project Pat]
A 44 bullet shell took my niggas life
Triggas pulled by some young niggas on that white
He used to fuck with them boys on the weed tip
They found my nigga dead face down in a ditch
I saw the shit on the news just the other day
I ain't for singing no blues, I'ma make 'em pay
I know them bitches they be hangin' at the Shake Junt
I catch 'em slippin comin' out and commence to pump
Been led leave 'em dead on the fuckin scene
Ballin out and the steam'll make the getaway clean
I made a block then I switched to the other ride
I'm still in shock cuz I just did a homicide
I executed me some punks that deserved it
They had a warrant for they death so I served it
I gave them tricks a little dose of they medicine
I bet them hoes man'll never try that shit again


(Red Rum) Most of yall
Wanna see some blood spillin anyway
(Red Rum) Bodies fall
Niggas dyin' young on this everyday
(Red Rum) Nigga race
When it been yo' time for you to clock out
(Red Rum) Had a face
But you should not had your fuckin guard down

[Project Pat]
In the street niggas die
They got fired cuz they tried
Test the game of the man
Who's committing homocides
Would be better for you fools
But I'll be damned if I don't
Help you out
Like the
I can and I'm willing
To proceed with a killing
Stick a gauge up ya anus
Do a crime make it haneous
Amos anger to my chamber
Let a slug through that toe
Cuz I'm on a body stalk
Puttin suckers in the chalk
Walk the walk
Get ya game
Guns click it's whatever nigga
I ain't brought shit
So you know whatever's clever nigga
Trigga happy nappy headed
peels off
Motherfuckers caps when I roll with the shotgun
Project pop one
Of you niggas tryin to steal my shit
Fuck with me and mine
And I swear it's a murder bitch
Yeah I see you niggas mean muggin' on them porches
Unload that thang watch 'em scatter like roaches


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