Project Pat lyrics

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Ghetty Green
Ballers / Outro Cash Money Mix
Ghetty Green
Gold Shine
Niggas Got Me Fucked Up
North Memphis
Represent It
Rinky Dink / Whatever Ho
Rinky Dink II / We're Gonna Rumble
Run A Train
Shake That Ass
Slangin' Rocks
Sucks On Dick
Up There
You Know The Biss
Mista Don't Play
Aggravated Robbery
Cheese And Dope
Don't Save Her
Fuckin' With The Best
Gorilla Pimp
If You Ain't From My Hood
Life We Live
North North
Ooh Nuthin'
Ski Mask
So High
We Ain't Scared Ho
We Can Get Gangsta
Whole Lotta Weed
Y'all Niggaz Ain't No Killaz, Y'all Niggaz Some Ho
Murderers & Robbers
Bitch Smackin Killa
Easily Executed
Fuck A Bitch
Red Rum
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