Deep in your subconscious lyrics

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Lying there in a small crib
Naked and innocent
Just loosing my virginity
Only four years old
A menacing man above me
He's my own father!
My legs and arms are limp
Crushed my confusion
Lascivious eyes stare at me
I've never seen before
Musty smell in the air
Diffusing body odor
Feeling like a pig ravished and abused
Praying for my god
The old man with the old white beard
A hurting abdomen, a grieved soul
Tears are running from ym eyes
I don't know what's going on
Cries, screams of despair
Father slaps in my face
"Shut up little cunt"
Feeling like a pig
Ravished and abused
Prayimg for my god
The old man with the long white beard
Satisfaction - father is groaning
Humiliation - treated like a shitheap
Observation - my brain is empty
Anxiety - father, never do it again!
Atrocity - fear in my eyes
Inbreeding - my body is deseased
Shame - mother won't be told
Some human beings are repulsive animals
After a while - the pain is over
Disgusting - full of serious mucus
Genitals - blood runs from my legs
An ugly smile - my father leaves the room
Misery - I'm feeling sick
Depression - I clasp Teddy in my arms
Loneliness - nobody who helps
Some human beings are repulsive animals
First you tried to repress
Then you established
The nightmare will ever be

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