Doubt lyrics

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(w graber)
Hey - And did you want to help me out?
And help this fear and help this doubt
For what it's worth I have my doubts
So - when all is good and all is right
And you make day from what is night
I found this balance nature's right
Take this down and put it somewhere safe
And when it dies you'll call it rape
If thoughts are life then I don't think
So tell me who it was this time
Now - now climb the side of Marburg cliff
With blood red moss instead of dirt
It's filled with every fear that's lurked
Well - well if you're counting, count on us
We'll help you find what you have loss
Well if it counts you've lost my trust
So this right I have my doubts
So this is something I have my doubts
So nothing is something I have my doubts

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