Gypsies In The Wood lyrics

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Artist(s)Blood Brothers soundtrack lyrics soundtrack
Album(s)Blood Brothers soundtrack lyrics

Y' comin' out?

My mum says I haven't got to play with you.

Well, my mum says I haven't got to play with
You. But take no notice of mothers. They're soft.
Come on, I've got Linda with me.
She's a girl, but she's alright.

Edward, Edward, Edward...

There's gypsies in the wood
And they've been watchin' you
They wanna take your baby away,
There's gypsies in the wood,
And they've been calling you
Can Edward please come out and play
Please can he come with us and play?

Y' know the devil's got your number
Y' know he's gonna find you,
Y' know he's right behind y'
He's starin' through your windows,
He's creepin' down the hall.

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