Tattooed Dancer lyrics

Rating: 4.66
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Artist(s)Ozzy Osbourne
Album(s)No Rest for the Wicked

Well she's a mean hard woman
and she knows what she wants
She is my tatooed rock n roll dancer
I'm under her thumb
And when she tells me come
Oh hi's the only way I can answer
They're gonna put me away
Put me away
God damn them
Well I can hear her moaning like a dog on heat
She never takes no for an answer
She's driving me mad
She makes it good to be bad
My little tattooed rock n roll dancer
Tattooed dancer
Dance for me bitch
I think I'm in grave danger
Goin' over the top
There is no question
Only an answer
She can't give love
I think I've fallen in lust
With my tattooed rock n roll dancer

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