If Ya Gettin' Down lyrics

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If ya gettin down baby, Come and get it on baby
I want it now baby!

Verse 1 (Rap)
I want to take a little time to refresh your mind
Because the boys are back in town
With a different kinda funk
Who gots the funk, We gots the funk right!
Everybody boogie down tonight
Now throw your hands up in the sky
Move around from site to site
I got what it takes to beats the breaks
The funky base, I give everybody a crazy shake

I heard somebody say, What!
She's at the party say, Ooh!
I'm gonna get me some, Ah...

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2 (Rap)
Wiggy wiggy, I'm gettin jiggy
Open up the doors, Got the keys to your city
Looking kinda pretty, Dance 'til you drop
And it don't stop 'til it go pop
Dance how you wanna dance
Let's all get down
While we got the chance
I still got 12 seconds on this clock of mine
And I ain't gonna stop, til the sun don't shine
Line after line, I flow like rhyme after rhyme
I dress like time after time
Keep it up 'til ya feel the heat
And get down once ya feel the beat, Ah, Ah!

Repeat Bridge and Chorus

Last Verse (Rap)
There ain't a problem that we can't fix,
Because we can do it in the mix,
Now if ya man gets in trouble, We'll be in there on the double,
Guaranteed that we'll be heading for six, Come on, Yeah!

Repeat Chorus Until Fade

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