Aftermath (The Intro) lyrics

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Artist(s)Dr Dre
Album(s)Dr. Dre presents The Aftermath

[Wind, Animals and Wild Sounds Coordinating With Beeping Countdown]

[Beeping Faster]

(Dr. Dre)
This is dedicated to the niggaz that was down from Day 1
...Welcome to the Aftermath

(Group) Like We Always Do About This Time!!

(Woman) Welcome To The Aftermath!

The Aftermath, A second growth, the period immediately following an unusual event.
This is brought to you by, the makers of funky music
Coming directly to you from the Soul Kitchen
So let's get deep
You ask how deep is deep
Can I ask you how deep would you like to get

(Woman) The Aftermath Brings To You Some Of The Best Hip-Hop And R amp;B On The Planet

(Group) We're comin' we're comin' we're comin' (Repeat X3)
WE'RE HERE!! (Echoes)

(Sid McCoy)
Watch yourself, peep the blow up
From state-to-state we're touchin' home no matter what sign you throw up
Wait, we're on some other while you're still slippin'
Bringin' you all bangin' speakers for sparks fly out the car system
Off the tops, snatchin' props and the proper the tops we touch
we're hard to knock, we got it locked
From every angle of music the different sound view
R amp;B, rap, whatever flavor kid it's all new
So let's say we bring it with the EAST! and the WEST!
The final results: The Aftermath touchin' every coast!
So when the bar blows then, the DJ spins
And we don't set trip, we set trends
Love to the artists, in fact they be the smartest if they business is tight
Cuz keep it real means moving the cash markets
And constantly buildin' and stop destroying everything that we touch
And leave somethin' for our children

Whatever it takes to get ya paid yea-yea-yeah, keep on doin' it
Keep on doin' it, keep on doin' it
And whatever it is that gets ya free yea-yea-yeah
(Gets ya free, yeah) keep on doin' it
Keep on doin' it, hey keep on doin' it
Whatever it takes to get ya paid yea-yea-yeah
(Whatever it is) keep on doin' it
Ya gotta keep doin' it, keep on, keep on yeah
And whatever it is that gets ya free yea-yea-yeah
(Whatever it is that gets ya free, yeah) keep on doin' it
Keep on doin' it, Oh yeah ohhhhhhhhh-I
Ya gotta-you gotta keep on doin it, doin' it, doin' it
Aftermath is gonna keep on doin' it, doin' it, doin' it, yeah

[Shotgun Cocks and Blasts]


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