Breaking Song lyrics

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Artist(s)Kazu Nazrul Islam
Album(s)  -

Oh iron bars
Rust & Fall Apart
Alter of pain the cries of the chained worship in agony

Oh flag of youth
Sound your trumpet of destruction
Hoist your flag of Revolution
Pierce through these British walls

Play the festival music
Who cares who owns us? Or to whom is ruling?
To whom may I ask
Why truth is being punished?

Haha I feel like laughing
Why would you hang yourself?
Oh lord
Who is supplying this information?

Hey crazy bhola
Prison bars
Pull out these prison bars

Scream loudly
Play the dunduvi drums
Call Oh Call
Death towards your life

While the storm of boshak is dancing
Will you sit idle
Lets see

Shake the foundation of the prison
Kick it break the lock
Light all the prisons on fire
Light them on fire
Light them on fire
Make them fall

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