The Girls From Texas lyrics

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Artist(s)Cooder Ry
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Hey Yo!
Yo Sham!
Yo SHAM!!!
come here nigga, wassup man
-whats the deal, son
How you doin man
-Chillin man
What you fuckin with that cat over there for
-He is my nigga, son.
Nahah, don't fuck around with that nigga, yo.
-What you sayin,god
I know that nigga--
-what I gotta hold it down for my homes, son
Lemme talk to ya for a second,man, c'mere, c'mere

I been through bullshit, forced to pull shit at the enemy
if I did it homes, it was the end of me
back in the days, I'ma say like around your age
-what makes you figure that
yo, I used to move the same ways
carying guns, sell a nickle chums to bums
run away from home, running through the streets with a chrome
-nigga, fuck that, you see I'm livin on my own
-my life is based on the same place and the same zone
-thugs call me the Don, but never feel my calm
-at the same time you know it's hard for me to stay on
yeah I'm feelin ya, but at I gotta keep it real with ya
only when you got dough, niggas wanna be with ya
they feel ya out, find out about your whereabouts
best friends turn enemies, plotting to take you out
-but it's all good, becuz they show me love in tha hood
-I got this shit locked,don't worry bout it. lemme cross ya out

Hey yo, I walk by myself,I die by myself
cuz ain't nobody gonna help me but my goddamn self
I do for my self,make moves for my self
cuz ain't nobody gonna help me but my goddamn self
I walk by myself,I die by myself
cuz ain't nobody gonna help me but my goddamn self
I do for my self,make moves for my self
cuz ain't nobody gonna help me but my goddamn self

Verse 2:
You see them cats that you run with, they allways in some dumb shit
I'm tellin you right now, them cats shouldn't fuck with
-Now who the fuck is you To tell me what to do
-tryin to start some real shit, tryin to make me flip on my crew
Go ahead and play hardass! live your life fast
tryin to warn you, seem like these streets got you gassed
-I got a problem right now, and I can't maintain
-I got some big time cat tryin ta split my fame
-yo, you see me in the street and wanna scream my name
-with some caked up voice, yo I made my chioce
-Tim and his boys foul plans was to leave me moised
-so I stood up,prayin to God that this ain't my last luck
-yo they got me judged, call tha blue cross cops ran up
-say please don't move too much, I think my man sat me up
-on a fact() shining to much
Left you wet up,same muthafuckas used to friend up
got you hospitalized, look how you end up
hooked up to a respirator, body all bent up
your moms callin me at my home,cryin on the phone
why the fuck you didn't listen wouldn't be in this position
you still breathing, a chance to change the way you living
-no more claiming the streets, I got a daughter to raise
-if i would've listened to you, I would never have got blaised
-now I'm fucked up,laying in this bed cramped up
-needles in my arm, thinkin how these cats play tough
-real thoughts in my head,oh how I showed 'em love
-fuck it, from now on gotta keep my shit real calm
-plans to move up outta there, and grab my family to be gone


*Chorus playin in the background while they talks*
wake up nigga
how you doing man,
-fucked up right now, son
didn't you see
I saw you earlier on the day,kicked it to ya man
the streets ain't no muthafuckin joke, nigga
-yo, son , see what they did to my fuckin leg, son
I'm tired of that bullshit, i'm sorry--
-can't even lift my shit no more.
got holes up in this shit, you holy now
you believe in tha lord now, don't ya, muthafucka
when you get outta this bitch,
you better know how to walk the path muthafucka.
-you grabbin me to get up outta here
there's lot of things you can do in the world,
you're to young for this bullshit
you hear me
-I know

when you get better you come out, make your mama proud,
make yourself proud, you keep ya head up, nigga
you understand
-I understand

what the fuck, nigga, at the end of the day you's a man.
Act like one

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