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well I ain't come here to try to save you
I don't want you to rescue me
but you need a friend like a godsend
it's plain to see

I was watching you from my window
from 'cross the street only yesterday
you were pleading, he was laughing
he drove away

so it seems so out of place
the smile upon your face
it's the pain inside
brings me to your door
on the day
after billy's gone

so you tell me you barely miss him
that you'll be cool now you're on your own
but you can't tell me why you're waiting
by the phone

so many people say
it's the smile gives you away
it's the dreams denied
brings me to your door
on the day
after billy's gone

well I'll try to keep it simple
if you need somebody there
I've got all the love you're searching for
and time enough to spare
well you fulfilled your obligations
and baby none could ask for more
and you had good cause to hesitate
come on and let your spirit soar
well, I can't give if you won't take
you've got to open up the secret door
and as a matter of fact I'm not taking you back
in time you'll know for sure

after billy's gone
after billy's gone, oh yeah

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