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Music by : v.Doren / Brinkman / Luppens
Lyrics by : Soffner

Hatred breeds Disorder
Strangled by Angels we fell
Every Step
brings us closer
to Dystopia
Tear down
and sunder your Idols tall!
Condemn your Gods
Revoke your Faith
Control Reprisal
Indulge in Self-Deceit
The Scarlet licking,
yearning purging flames
of Suffocating solitude
he withdrew
the blind soul-self
into silent brooding,
prepared to pay
the price
and tread upon the searing song
that heaven does incise
Condemned by Gods
Forsaken by Faith
One broken Man
Purged by Self-Deceit
Force-Fed / Soul-Dead
Each step towards me
Each world 'neath me
Force-Fed / Soul-Dead
A giant step towards me
A thousand worlds within me
Dawn breaks,
Unfurls before you
like a fresh-bleeding Wound
Slit open
the skies,
revolt against man's fate

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