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Opposite Of Yes lyrics

Rating: 3.25
Song Details
Artist(s)Rough Silk
Album(s)Symphony Of Life

Music : Wunderlich, Doernberg
Lyrics : Doernberg

No guts - no glory - no clouds - no rain
No reason - no season - no pain - no gain
No quality - insanity - reality - humanity
No dice - no roll - no spark - no fire
No cards - no aces - no truth - no liar
No a-little-bit-of-this - no a-little-bit-of-that
No you cannot lose what you never had !
No gun - no shot - no sooner - no later
No she - no he-man-woman-hater
No fast careers - no volunteers
No widows black - no fallen tears.
No healing hands of time - no rhyme
No crime will turn your wine into slime.
Mine all mine - no ego - no brain
No hold-the-line in vain !
The opposite of yes can be the key to a better life.
A word can sometimes cut way deeper than the sharpest knife !
No more talking - This means no in your face !
Take my no now and shove it - it's a no-way-out-race.
Death's a dancer !
No more walking 'cause there's nowhere left to go
and there will be no more rise-above-it's
'cause the answer is : No !!!!!
No war - no peace - no rules - no riot
No heart - no heartache - no fat - no diet
No fantasy - no plan to see
No what about me ? - no used to be !
To agree or not to agree - that's the question.
Excuse me, sir, may I have a suggestion ?
Please freeze the grease in the C&E's hair
- he's overpayed and never playing fair !!!!!
The opposite of yes.............
The hardest word in the world today
has got only two letters but ain't easy to say.
Those who dare to always rule the show.
What I'm talking about here is : No !!!!!!
No more talking ..............

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