Fed Up lyrics

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it's like this and like that whenever you can. you try to take away the rest of my
pride, man. you try to take away everything that isn't yours, you try to take
control, you try to be so sure. you're like a vacuum cleaner, a million times
meaner, sucking up me instead of dirt, but i see ya. come over here bitch, i'm here
in the small niche, i'll be shutting you down, by using your off-switch. i am a
vandal, i grab you by the handle, i throw you in a deep hole and light up a candle,
fill the hole lot of sand up, so you'll never get up, you wanna know why? cause i'm
fed up !

because of everything you wanna do to me - fed up !
no matter what you do you're never true to me - fed up !
because of everything you wanna say to me - fed up !
no matter what you say, you'll break it anyway - now i'm fed up...fed up !

light my fire, cause you're taking me higher, in a negative sense though, cause you
kill my desire. for a further attention, no need to mention, i don't wanna be around
you, don't wanna feel the tension. i've been cheated, i've been mistreated, but i'm
not taking it no longer, cause i'm gonna beat it ! how long have i been going on?
but now i've gotta say it's over, sober, no more wishing on a four leave-clover.
cause what you wanna do, ain't what you really do, what you really do is never ever
really you, get a grip, man !

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