Fimbulvetr Frost lyrics

Rating: 3.25
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Album(s)Metsä ( Demo)

black heart of snow
tell me secrets
of the forgotten
who lived before

father cursed his sons
daughters were left to die
cult of frost and hate
the great winter shall come

mighty odin of thousand swords
do you know the name of mine?

yes, my son
i shall know your name
and your prophecies of winter

there shall come great winter
and it will last three times more
it is called the fimbulvetr
spreading frost and coldness

i rule the frost
i damn the earth
i curse the sun
i walk with odin

i am the night, the dreams of moon
i cast the spells and fly in mist
my emperors, their kingdom come
thou art forever dressed in black

towards the cold my children run
to make the winter eternal
i dream of hate until forever
the nightwinds spread my prophecy

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