Another Badge Of Courage lyrics

Rating: 4.10
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Album(s)The Day The Sun Went Out

They say what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger
Well maybe some of us are just too sick and tired of being so damn strong
And I can't reach for a reason to look in your eyes like it doesn't matter at all
Falling down Crying out And I'll remember spinning around in circles
Just anticipating what the next stranger is going to do to me
And I'll remember what you did to me
Lying on your kitchen floor burning with hate
I want to rip your hands off, I want to rip your tongue out
For every time I have cried, every time you have lied
Pushed down; laughing in my face
Pain I've never felt, hate I've never screamed
And I can still remember that fucking look in your eyes
Screaming at me like it doesn't matter at all
And now eyes will always lie

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