I Liked You Better When You Hated Yourself lyrics

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Album(s)River Songs

We used to drink our bacardi
behind the old house
and bitch about dream
that would never come true
then you heard a callin'
that i hadn't felt
I liked you better
when you hated yourself

now you spend lots of time
at that natural food place
buyin' fresh block of tofu
just like mom used to make
you kicked your bad habits
you're in perfect health
but i liked you better
when you hated yourself

change, it came a blowin'
like we never met
your inner child and you play games
that i just don't get
somewhere it's written
that this too shall pass
but lately you've just been
a pain in the ass...

ask me if i care
well, i guess i still do
friends don't come easy
even assholes like you
and that shrink of yours
she can go straight to hell
i liked you better
when you hated yourself

last time i saw you
you were on donahue
discussing your book
and everything you've been through
now you've got your glamour
your fame and your wealth
but i still liked you better
when you hated yourself.

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