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Hate Is the Star (Song of the Torment) \Hearts Are lyrics

Rating: 4.66
Song Details
Artist(s)Xena: The Bitter Suite Soundtrack
Album(s)Xena: Warrior Princess: The Bitter Suite Soundtrac

Bad Guys:
It begins very small
Seems like nothing much at all
Just a germ, just a speck, just a grain
But the seed has been sown
And before you know it's grown
It has spread through your life like a stain
And its power will strangle your love and your joy
And its hunger consumes for it lives to destroy

Hate is a star; it becomes who you are
Not the hated, but the hater has a torment that's greater
It will eat you alive, consume you and spit you out
Hate's gonna win that there's no doubt about
Hate doesn't care who you are- Hate is the Star!

Learning hate is an art, even people who are smart can be caught, can be crushed, can be creamed
Hate has swallowed you whole
Did you think you're in control
Hate you though, hate you spoke, hate you dreamed
All your hate gave me substance your lives are undone
It's your eve of destruction, your hatred has won!


I never dreamed that we'd be distanced by a hate
That all the trust we had would go

How could I hate you

How could it come to pass?
This awful twist of fate

How could I hurt you

This madness can't be so

I can't believe it

I never dreamed that any barriers could rise

Or that I'd ever see the stranger in your eyes

Our hearts were hurting both the same

The hurt was tearing up our souls

The fury in us made us blind

We could not see beyond the pain

If we can turn again to love

If we can heal these open wounds

We'll leave this hatred far behind

So not a trace of hate remains

We'll overcome our damaged past
And we'll grow stronger side by side
To stand together through the storms
We're safe ‘cause love will be our guide

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