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Notice Me, Horton lyrics

Rating: 4.31
Song Details
Artist(s)Seussical Soundtrack
Album(s)Seussical Soundtrack

It's taken all my courage to approach you
Not to mention all my stamina to follow you
Across the hills and deserts.
But I feel as if I'm ready
To confess to you the feelings
That I've hidden with great diligence and labor...
Behind the façade
Of your odd little next-door neighbor.

My eyes are too small.
I have very large feet.
And I'm not very proud of my pitiful tweet
But I've now got a tail
That is something to see...

One hundred and two. One hundred and three.

Oh, notice me, Horton, feather by feather.
This is your next-door neighbor calling!
Notice me, Horton.
Horton, together
We could be great
Oh, notice me, Horton
Put down the clover!
This is your next door neighbor calling.
There's a new leaf
Your neighbor's turned over

Over and over,
Clover by clover...

I was just a no one only yesterday.
You showed up and showed me something more.
Now I've become a someone
Who has someone to believe in
And to be there for...

(HORTON continues his search)

(Quietly determined)
I will not give up hope.
I was hooked from the start
When I noticed your kind
And your powerful heart.
So notice me, Horton...

Oh, the world would be something new

Notice me, Horton

If they noticed a thing or two...

Notice me, Horton

The way I notice you.

(The clock ticks as HORTON continues his clover search.
GERTRUDE finally exits in defeat. Time jumps to much later in his search.)

Two million, nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine.
It's hopeless.

You said it kid.

(For a second, HORTON thinks he's heard the WHOS!)

Who's there?

It's me. Mayzie. Up here.

(HORTON sees MAYZIE sitting on a huge, colorful egg, in a nest, in a tree)

Mayzie .. Are you on a nest?

MAYZIE (defensive)
Yeah. You wanna make something of it?

No, I just never thought I'd see you on a nest

Neither did I, Hort...neither did I.

(The CAT as PIANIST rides out on a small,
Seussian piano and plays a musical intro for MAYZIE)

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