Inhuman Creation Station lyrics

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Album(s)Infiltrate - Destroy - Rebuild

driving in at work behind
speed up the assembly line
don't force units together
follow the instruction sign
this isn't happening a fourth time..
work the parts responsibly
place them biologically
release the incomplete
bury the unfaithful fleet
this isn't happening a fifth time..
this blood is flowing through a warped mind..

see what's inside all the things you will find
can you see yourself doing that
when you're out on the move seeking something to prove
can you see yourself doing that
you were in their design,
just thrown into a mind
and the world becomes a path
how the subtle divide
manufacturer's bride
in the wake of aftermath

compatible reality
forming separate entities
dead heads and holy water
we instill the wants and needs
work with the team to make the deadline..
modern man cannot survive
drowning in formaldehyde
inhuman creation station
that's where we control your lives
and it's been happening since the dawn of time..
this blood's still flowing through a warped mind..


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