Face To Face lyrics

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Artist(s)PFR (Pray For Rain)

for so long we walk in darkness
hoping to find the way
but without something or someone to guide us
we stumble blindly day after day
so He lights candles in hopes that we'll see
glimpses of Him in this mystery
that we'll leave shadows and move toward the flame
and we move closer we'll see His face...
to face with the One who made mountains
who hung the stars in the sky
He is love and loved us so much
that He was willing to die
dies for the man on the corner
who sold his soul years ago
and now knows of only regret
to trade His life for the woman
who doesn't think mercy
is something that she'll ever get
hope to all who are hopeless
who've ever known kindness
He has not forgotten your name
you are loved by the One Who
with His Own hands has made you
and love you forever the same

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