Danny's Downs lyrics

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Artist(s)Peter, Paul & Mary
Album(s)Flowers and Stones

On the day little Danny arrived
His father stared and his mother cried
They knew his name but they didn't know why
He looked the way he did
This thing happens to other kids
How in the world are we gonna live
With a boy like that?
Doctor said,";Dan's the first bad news
Second is his heart won't make it through
It must be fixed unless you choose
To send him back where he came
Starve the boy from his name
Just six short days of pain
Or maybe less";
Danny's Downs but Love is up
It's been known to be more than enough
For more and more of us
Danny's downs but Love is up
";I'm not that strong,"; his father said
";The dreams are gone, the hopes have fled
Won't be long after he's dead
We'll try again to find
The child we had in mind
Where the hell are those papers to sign?";
And the man broke down
In a private room Danny's mother wept
As an old Jamaican woman swept
And not by chance their eyes met
(And she said)
";God's gifts are only good y'know
And there ain't no Love the Lord can't grow
Aw honey, take that boy with ya when ya go
Back home
It's been eight years since the surgery
His sister's 5, his brother's 3
He goes to school and he knows how to read
He takes the bus home by himself
Puts his lunch pail back upon the shelf
And he hugs his Momma till she melts
To the floor
They're more than a home, they're a family
'Cause blood and bones are still souls y'see
And someone's baby's just another Danny
And in the guest room in the back
Lives this old Jamaican black
'Cause when you give a gift
God gives it back again.

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