World Falling Down lyrics

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Artist(s)Peter Cetera
Album(s)World Falling Down

I never thought life would be easy
Take it from me it's not easy
When you're living on your own
And now I face it (and even now I take it)
One day at a time (one step at a time)
Then I try to rise
Each time I fall
Try to find a way
Of getting through it all
I used to believe in you
Now I need someone else to turn to
Any though it's only a matter of time
That when you lose the magic
Suddenly your world comes falling down
All around you
And though it seems so tragic
Even when there's no one else around
You hear the sound
Of another world falling down
Leaving your memories behind me
Hoping that nothing reminds me
Praying that I can forget
And even now I take it
One step at a time, and now I
Face the future eye to eye
I know it won't be easy, but I'll get by

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