I Generate A Feeling lyrics

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Artist(s)Pete Shelley

When I close my eyes I have a world inside of me
Peopled by my thoughts of you and how things ought to be
Here I spend my time and do the things I want to do
Helps to pass the day and it keeps me happy too
I, I, I generate a feeling
In my psychic scenery there's a special place I go
Here I am recharged with energy from down below
Nothing is between all we feel is just inside
Generate that feeling and the world will come alive
I, I, I generate a feeling
Listening to the rhythm that I hear within my brain
Everything is different my perceptions aren't the same
When I can't believe the wonder that surrounds me
I just reach deep inside and switch on my euphoria
I, I, I generate a feeling
I, I, I generate a feeling

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