All the Places lyrics

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Artist(s)Pete Rock and CL Smooth
Album(s)The Main Ingredient

";All the places and spaces I've been"; (Repeat 4x)
[CL Smooth]
Welcome to the zone where the strong only survive
Places I drive all the gangsters can't stay alive
Take my universal journey through the jungles of the hardest town
Where my brothers lay their life down
You want something to play with?
Go find some toys when you mistake these grown men for little boys
More real than what is real so feel I'm sending
Compare the God with no beginning and we'll have no ending
My blessed rings are down with the kings revalation
Had heard me on the Run-DMC's reincarnation
Child abuse, women loose, robbery and triple homicide
Every where this black man resides still
Check the monolouge, I'm on a 6 a.m. jog
To regain my powers, do a set before the showers
I'm prime for the summertime, the big time bowler
But any season or reason we can't take it over
";All the places and spaces I've been"; ";Can you feel it?"; (Repeat 6x)
Are you ready for the legendary crazy rugged ?ready war?
Known to be the smooth that sat by the door
Furthermore, for you and I to click, here's the stats
Take all that dirty money, set the wash doors and laundromats
You love to gamble now we open an after-hours spot
20 sacks with the Guiness for the jackpot
Members only, playing pool like Willie Marconi
With a tenderoni chatting about the GS I'm batting
I'm patting down with the sound of a general
Fully supplied by my ghettofied residential
We come to rebuild and turn off the heat now
Hoping we can take it back to Yugenot Street
Palled around the screen TV watching the fight
Tonight, cause if it ain't rough it ain't right
Ink tents in all of my circumference I connect
Now demanding all types of respect, can you dig it?
";All the places and spaces I've been"; ";Can you feel it?"; (Repeat 6x)
Travelling the warp speed we come to the peak
Like a missle I probe and seek, many can't critique
My physique is still solid, chiseled down to the very last compound
I'm trying that chin, fool, where you been?
Still sliding girls in as soon as pops fall asleep
His game tight, set to flip a shorty late night
I like rocks and groupies, condo shows and cuties
The hottest cars and the strongest drinks at the bars
This is one of those joints that make you stand by the exits
Cause every time I'm yapping something crazy happens
Keep my tool in my baggy jeans rolling with sneaker feet
Who got a life term working for the firm
My labor's fruit off of business as usual
Plus my two clan band is making me a wealthy man
Now from where I stand, believe it's not a game
Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth's a household name
";All the places and spaces I've been"; ";Can you feel it?"; (Repeat 6x)

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