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The Effect You Have On Me lyrics

Rating: 2.82
Song Details
Artist(s)Pat Benatar
Album(s)Synchronistic Wanderings

There are people who have no trouble
In expressing how they feel
For me it's never been that bad
It's just the way I've always been
I often try to tell my friends
About the Effect You Have On Me
I don't know why, I can't explain
When you are near, my heart is weak
It spins around my head and then
Recalls your fingers down my spine
It goes away, it comes back again
Makes me cry, it makes me shy
You have in your hand my _______ of love
And in your eyes all that I _________
What more could I expect from life
Than your lovin' and tender kiss
And they can talk about paradise
And all the dreams that ought to be
I ________ doubt it could compare to
The Effect You Have On Me
There are no words, no reason why
The tears that sometimes fill my eyes
They're only tears of happiness
It's only fear of losing you
(Repeat Chorus)
Only your voice can bring me peace
Only your touch can bring me joy
What more should I expect from this life
When so many people still search for love
I know I never will explain
This Effect You Have On Me
But if I have on you the same
We'll be in love....eternally
From the CD ";Tribute to Edith Piaf"; (1993)
Written by: M. Heyral, E. Piaf, C. Severac, S. M. Edgren

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