The North Wind lyrics

Rating: 2.88
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Album(s)The Fourth Dimension

Beware of the North Wind
It will take you away
Murdered the same (or, that's what they say, or put you to sea)
Tear apart what's left of your body (Tear you apart, sweep up your body?)
You will be left to rot on your knees (under the leaves?)
You will stop breathing
As you pass away
Your skin turns blue
The eyeballs roll in the back of your head
The North Wind will pick you up and take you on a journey to hell!
The winds of evil, have sweept over the earth
Killing all the worthless souls
War accross the globe gather around the storms
(Lords of death watching us through the winds (words?) of evil???)---Not
sure about this
The earth will be dark as dirt (?The end will be dark again?)
No existence of life, just cold and emptiness
You will stop breathing
As you pass away
Your skin turns blue

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