Enquiring Minds lyrics

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Artist(s)Gangsta Boo
Album(s)Enquiring Minds

[Guy] Ay ay
Ain't you Gangsta Boo?
[Boo] Yeah
Why you wanna know?
[Guy] Ay ay, you
Ain't you used to go to Sheffield?
[Boo] What?!
See, this is the prime example
of some enquiring minds
Mothafuckas in my business
Mothafuckas wanna know what I do
What nigga?!
What the fuck you talkin' about?!
Why y'all in my business?
Enquiring Minds nigga
Ya know what I'm sayin?
This the intro
I'm bringin' it to you real
Fuck you mothafucka
They ain't talkin' 'bout shit
Y'all know how they niggas is
These some mothafuckin' playa haters
Nigga do you want me to fuck you up, so
Hit you wit a low blow
Jump dawg
You might as well call it quits
I be the bitch that's known for rockin' shit
I be the bitch known as a lyricist
So, what? You wanna fuck with me on the M-I-C?
You betta call the police 'cause I'mma bring ya to your knees
Me & the Tear Da Club Up Thugs can't take enough
Comin' thicker than the mothafuckin' U.S. Marines
So if you wanna fuck with me, my favorite quote's
I'mma take it as a joke ???
Got your ass wishin' that you can take me baby
Got you hard up like a soap on a rope
I thought I told ya we ain't gon' stop
It's on
So when it's on, life's on, then the bitch is on
Early mornin' ballin niggas in their own zone
Enquiring minds wanted to know, that's why I wrote this song
You fuckin bitch
Wanna wear my shit
'Cause I got Chanel on it
But in the projects you weren't really on it
Tryin' be the one to flaunt it
Stupid ass, know that my name is wanted
Ay ay yo yo
Wassup niggas?
This the intro
Nigga you got 1
You got 2
You got 3
Yo yo
Ay ay yo
Stop this shit, and play number 3
I'm outta here

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