Distortion lyrics

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Reaching to the back of mind
Shifting in and out of time
Fear overcoming my senses
Waiting is agony
Point of intensity increasing
Dreaming, forbidden anxiety
Pressure builds, suffocate
Smothered by a feeling unable to control it
Magnify amplify
Smaller than a needle's eye
Pressure builds....distortion
Sickened mind, mirage or reality
Gonna break, I'm gonna break
Open mind, door closing fast on me
Gonna break, well I'm gonna break
Blackness so cold
Unending descending transcending my soul
Blackness so cold
Density crushing me
Weight of the world's distortion
Crazed stage, ill faze
Weight of the world's pain
Bow down, bow down, bow down to
Punching through the other side
Paralyzed, kneeling, unable to control it
Petrified, nullified
Bigger than all space and time
Pressure builds....distortion
The pressure's getting to me
And I can't do much about it, you know?
Sometimes I just sit around the house
and I say to myself
Looking at these four walls
And I say "What the fuck am I alive for, huh?"
What am I alive for?

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