The Laughter Of The Ignorant lyrics

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Album(s)Esoteric Emotions - The Death Of Ignorance

They look through their rose-coloured glasses,
At the beauty of the world.
They're so blind and fucking ignorant,
That love's all they see.
Any sorrow they come across never cuts deep,
Because real pain is what ignorance can't feel.
It just runs shallow through their pretentious world.
Never looking into themselves,
They adopt the feelings of somebody else.
Never stopping to think who they are,
Or what life is,
They become what society expects them to be.
I stare back at these people who stare at me.
They laugh through their vanity, so ignorant,
They can't begin to realise that my mind is free.
My hateful wisdom destroys them, relieving my pain.
For their souls will be banished to forever live in ignorance.
Those who laugh at philosophies they know nothing of
Are those who mostly disgust me.
And I shall be avenged, through the power of Satan anarchy.
Satanism isn't fantasy; it is based on the philosophies of life,
Comparable to man's basic instincts.
Now laugh if you please.
There is no such thing as nothing…
(Music – Simon. 11/1992)
(Lyrics – Greg 10/1992)

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