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Album(s)Esoteric Emotions - The Death Of Ignorance

Concepts, communication.
Balance, domination.
Unseen, yet practicable.
Where is your answer?
Where is your question?
Based on truth or lies?
Why should it be either?
Existence unseen…
At beckon call…
Not for those who judge…
What they cannot comprehend.
Source of knowledge, too vast for words.
To concentrate your mind.
Of no substance, yet food for thought,
And entrance to your soul.
It is both life and death.
It is both death and life.
Fear to some existence to others.
In the air you breathe, yet in your mind surreal.
Liars are those who claim to know,
In their words they say nothing,
For words cannot describe it.
It is knowledge and yet confusion.
See all you can,
And look beyond and beyond and beyond.
Look through the confusion to find knowledge,
Look through the knowledge to find confusion.
At all times question everything.
(Music - Gordon, Simon, Greg, Bryan. 1/1993)
(Lyrics - Greg, Bryan. 12/1992)

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