Eat Your Heart Out lyrics

Rating: 3.00
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Album(s)The Last in Line

It's been a long hot road I've been upon
Through the desert of your soul
I've looked high and low for water
But it's not there
All the promises of springtime
Turned to lies, so cold
But I'm stronger than you know
And I've come to let you go
Go eat your heart out
You've been a bad, bad girl
You've been hungry all of your life
So eat it out
I've been a prisoner just locked away
Inside your velvet jail
But it don't matter at all
Some things can grow without the light
Spinning cages for her pleasure
Weaving chains to hold the prize
Magic moments with the jailer
All on fire, and then he dies
Repeat chorus
We speed across emotions
And then we lose our hold
We move on wings of passion
That we can't control
Repeat Verse 1

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