The Dawn Of Dying lyrics

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Album(s)The Dawn Of Dying

Hells Breaking Loose When The Daltons Rode -Terrorizing
Aims Get Off The Ground - Fellows-Hip By Brotherhood In
Arms - Dispising Law And Order, Got Remand - Their Soul
Has Slept In Cold Eclipse - Roused By Fighting Spirit
-Following The Promi-Sed Way Straight -To The Dawn Of
Dying - Dancing To The Beat Of The Singing Guns -
Another Soul Is Passing By - At The Dawn Of Dying -The
Dawn Of Dying -Barrels Sight Their Heads In Coffeville -
Lured Into The Trap The End Is Near - At Least The Dead
Await The Final Storm - Baptized In Fire, Bodies To
Adorn - Bullets Flow Dehumanized - But The Purge Is Done
-Within The One Who Told The Story - Within The Truth
About The Glory - Of The Dawn Of Dying -The Dawn Of
Dying - Forever Crucified At The Jud-Gement`S Wooden
Spine - The Final Pulse Of History - Forever Buried
There Where The Others Lie - Old West Infinity - Perfect
Genocide Is Computerized - The Laughing Face Of Death
Aro-Und - The Warning That Nobody Realized - Will Take
Us To The Dawn - The Dawn Of Dying - The Dawn Of Dying

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