I Give Up Nuthin lyrics

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Artist(s)Compton's Most Wanted
Album(s)It's a Compton Thang

[ VERSE 1: MC Eiht ]
Don't nobody move, look at the Westside rulin
Never hot on the spot, cause Eiht keeps coolin
Doin my part, company charts, keepin it smart
Cause I give it my heart
Hard to understand why the fools keep trippin
Ladies on my jock, cause they want me to take a dip in
The ocean, geah, I cause commotion
Cancel your promotion, rub my lyrics in a potion
You laugh and it's good to be a teacher
To be sweated by a sucker who's weaker
Compton is the city, you want us to description
Eiht and Chill puttin suckers in a painfull position
So back up, slack up, before I just tack up
Any soft new jack, I just rack up
Throwin up the 'W' as I bail
Eiht is down as fuck - no, hard as hell
I give up nothin
[ VERSE 2: MC Eiht ]
I caught you, give up the confession
Eiht'll put your ass in a state of depression
You're kinda angry cause you're jocked by none
Try to voice your opinion, get smoked by the gun
Conflict you pick, you dick
Your strategy apalls with a subordinate clog
Despite the fact that I'm a criminal
Deliver the wild cause I'm the pinnacle
Just like a hologram to find out that you're hollow
MC Eiht is the leader you follow
Rhymes that flow, I never practice
Pray for help, but you suckers try to whack this
I stake my claim in the lyrics of humanity
Put me on a stand and I'm claimin insanity
The boy brutalize another soft-ass punk
Need to calm my being nervous, so I hit the blunt
I give up nothin
[ VERSE 3: MC Eiht ]
I gotta get you hot in the last verse
Complication of styles that are bust, it gets worse
Eiht, the rider, the partner, the back-up
Yo Slip, blow the beat, so we can stack-up
Suckers on the tip with a fool attitude
Slow your roll, don't make me get rude
Cause if I get rude, I proceed to start jackin
Never sweatin it, I'm known for packin
I see you're kinda nervous cause I'm representin Compton
What do you want, before I start stompin
Take a sec, so you can witness the sound
Never half-step in my path, because yo, I am down
I'm more than a MC, a assassin
In other words, Eiht is a black Charles Manson
Waxin up suckers with the lyrics of one breath
Kill em off till there's no one left
I give up nothin

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