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For All Eternity lyrics

Rating: 4.77
Song Details
Artist(s)Color Me Badd
Album(s)Now & Forever

Many a night I lie alone
Inside a room that's not of my own
Having no one to hold onto
who¡¯d understand what I am going through.
So I at night, lay down a plan
to occupy myself to make me a better man.
That¡¯s the only way I get through the night.
So I don¡¯t turn off the lights....
And I wait for all eternity
for someone who will comfort me,
and as time passes
I get vivid flashes of you running through my mind. (oh yeah)
Many a morning sun appears
wake up and find on my face a tear
Coz¡¯ from the vivid dream in my head,
of you in arms, but it¡¯s my pillow instead.
So real did it feel way our bodies met.
The softness of your hands, your lips, on my neck.
God I wish you were here.
My desire is sincere
I need you near.
But I guess I must wait,
For all eternity
For someone who will comfort me.
and as time passes,
I get vivid flashes of you run-in¡¯ through my mind.
Where? Where are you?
I need to know (oh I need to know)
I searched high and low.
I need you so.
But I guess I must wait.....
Repeat Chorus
I¡¯ll follow you
I¡¯ll follow you.
Where ever you go.
I get lonely sometimes (lonely, lonely......
I ¡®m goin¡¯ be right here.
right here.
Here all by myself.

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