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I Wanna Sex You Up lyrics

Rating: 4.29
Song Details
Artist(s)Color Me Badd
Album(s)Young, Gifted & Badd

C'mon baby where you going
Cos ya know i want it...
I don't wanna sex ya to get ya
Because i want it
Cutie just slip into your negligee
And let l'll shawn make love to ya all day
Cos the first time i saw ya
I wanted to kick it to ya
Your body is slammin'
So honey can i do ya
Cos you and i both know tricks are for kids
So get the Don Perignon outta the fridge
I wanna do the first thing that comes to mind
Cos on a scale of one to ten
No question your a dime
I'm attracted to ya cos you give me love
And sweetheart, Color Me Badd
Is gonna sex you up
Hey, beautiful lady, I need you tonight
Lovely, lovely lady
I wanna make you feel all right, yeah
I can't deny, baby
I wanna love you down
You are so fine, baby
All I wanna do is
(I Wanna Sex You Up)
I Want to sex you up
All night (girl you make me feel good)
I want to (let me rub you down) sex you up.
Say do you feel lonely girl
Let me turn down the lights
So I can hold you in the darkness
Ooh baby, let's make love tonight
Yeah, dig, you feel so right baby
When I love you down
Please be my wife, sugar
Cause all I wanna do is
Girl you just make me feel so good
I just wanna... I just wanna
Just lay back, and enjoy the ride
all I wanna do is
Make sweet lovin' all night long
Feels so right it can't be wrong
Don't be shy girl come to me
Open up your heart and I'll set you free
I want to touch you all the right places, baby
I want to make love you
All night...

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