Sista lyrics

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Artist(s)City High
Album(s)City High

this is real hard for me to tell you because you my best friend but u my boy so
imma b str8 up
Verse 1
Now youz my boy n all but we need to talk lets stop at a store bring ya ball
lets hit the park I'm gonna rap 4a min but don't take it to hard cuz im hopin
afta words ya still be my partner its hard for me to express how im feelin and
when you here this news you might fly through the ceelin but im willin to let
you know
the truth and infact its betta that i tell you before you hear this story
its about this new gurl im creepin its my little secret and i can hardley keep
it yo boy its ya sista
Ya hommie I've been wit her for a while now and theres nothing u can do bout it
It's stressin me out 2x
The first time i ever seen her ya'll moved around my way i was dyin to meet
her but i met you first and we became real cool started hangin out in school
now why
you reachin for your tool and no need for no beef so stop actin irrational im
still that same brotha who had ya back for you you know i never hurt you or
tried to be foul besides you dont want your niece to growin up with out a daddy
around thats right your baby sister is quite pregnant and we've allready
checked and
are meeting witha reveran
Its ya sista
yeah hommie ive been wit her(wit her) ive been wit her for a while now and
theres nothin you can do bout it Its ya sista ive been wit her for a while (cuz
i love her) ya sista ive been wit her for a while now (this is stresin me out)
ya sista ya still my best friend
Ya sista you know i love her i would never hurt her never leave her 6x
no no no no in back ground

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