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Hold Her lyrics

Rating: 3.87
Song Details
Artist(s)Chaka Khan
Album(s)I Feel For You

You gotta hold her now
Never leave her
Never let her go
You think you lost her number but you've only lost a little bit of time
She's waiting just to see you boy, a continental girl so fine
Mirrors on the ceiling make it hard for you to sleep at night
The opportunity is now
You know you got to do what's right
So, you take yourself down to her
Before it gets too late
There's no need to telephone
Cause this can hardly wait
The meaning of a moment has never been so strong
A girl like this, a night like this
It's right where you belong
You gotta hold her now
Never leave her
Tell her how
You're gonna love her, squeeze her
Hold her now
Never leave her again
Never leave her again
(don't you go)
She found you in a restaurant when you were with another girl
You tried to tell her how it was just to live in a harmless world
Remember how she looked at you
Remember how she stole your eyes
And now you're all alone at night
Runnin?out of alibis
You've got to take your time
Take your time
Take your time whenever you see her
Save her every moment you can
With your every wonderful feeling
Let her know that you will be her man
Open arms are never too open
Lovin?hearts are never too free
Let the circle never be broken
Let it be what you want it to be
Hold her now
Hold her now
Never let her go

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