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N¨ªl S¨¦ Ina L¨¢ (N¨ªl S¨¦'n L¨¢) lyrics

Rating: 4.31
Song Details

Chuaigh m¨¦ isteach i dteach ar¨¦ir
is d'iarr m¨¦ cairde ar mhnaoi an leanna.
Is ¨¦ d¨²irt s¨ª liom ";N¨ª bhfaighidh t¨² deor.
Buail an b¨®thar is gabh abhaile.";
N¨ªl s¨¦ ina l¨¢, n¨ªl a ghr¨¢,
n¨ªl s¨¦ ina l¨¢ is n¨ª bheidh go maidin,
n¨ªl s¨¦ ina l¨¢ is n¨ª bheidh go f¨®ill,
solas ard at¨¢ sa ghealaigh.
Chuir m¨¦ f¨¦in mo l¨¢mh i mo ph¨®ca
is d'iarr m¨¦ briseadh scillinge uirthi.
Is ¨¦ d¨²irt s¨ª liom ";Suigh s¨ªos ag bord
is b¨ª ag ¨®l anseo go maidin.";
";Éirigh i do shu¨ª, a fhear an t¨ª,
cuir ort do bhr¨ªst¨ª is do hata
go gcoinne t¨² ceol leis an duine c¨®ir
a bheas ag ¨®l anseo go maidin.";
Nach mise f¨¦in an fear gan ch¨¦ill
a d'fh¨¢g mo ch¨ªos in mo scornaigh?
D'fh¨¢g m¨¦ l¨¦an orm f¨¦in
is d'fh¨¢g m¨¦ s¨¦an ar dhaoine eile.
I went into a tavern, and the barkeep,
doesn't much care for the look of me.
I look like I've got no money on me.
She tells me to hit the road.
I put my hand into my pocket,
I asked if she could break a shilling.
She said to me ";Sit down at the table,
you'll be drinking here 'till morning.";
She roused the man of the house,
tells him to get up, put his trousers and hat on,
and go out and find a musician to entertain me,
so I'll stay here drinking until morning.
Was I the man without sense
to leave my money when I'd been scorned?
I left woefully,
I left a sign to other people.

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