Remember My Members lyrics

Rating: 3.26
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Artist(s)Broken Hope
Album(s)The Bowels Of Repugnance

Remember my members - Schizophrenic psychotic bitch,
Remember my members - Cunt, you've finally cracked,
Remember my members - I'm anatomized and immobilized,
Remember my members - For death I scream and beg,
Remember my members - My penis, each arm, each leg,
Remember my members - My members, REMEMBER!
My dear beloved darling, I loved you with all my heart,
It has since vanished because you pulled me apart,
I tried hard to convince you that it just wasn't true,
I really, really was faithful I never cheated on you.
Suspicious, distrust, your cruelty my fate,
In a vehement neurotic rage.

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