Punk Rock Princess lyrics

Rating: 2.80
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Artist(s)Something Corporate

Maybe when the room is empty, maybe when the bottles full,
maybe when the door gets broke down love can break in.

Maybe when I'm done with thinking, maybe you can think me whole,
maybe when I'm done with endings this can begin.

If you could be my punk rock princess I could be your garage band king.
You could tell me why you just don't fit in and how you're 'gonna be something.

If I could be your first real heartache I would do it over again.
If you could be my punk rock princess, I would be your heroine.

Maybe when your hair gets darker, maybe when your eyes get wide,
maybe when the walls are smaller there will be more space.
Maybe when I'm not so tired, maybe you could step inside,
maybe when I look for things that I can't replace.
I never though you'd last, I never dreamed you would.
You watch your life go past, you wonder if you should.

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