Wasted time lyrics

Rating: 3.87
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Artist(s)Black Dawn
Album(s)Absence Of Time

Where have I seen your face a thousand times as I cried?
You would say it's all right now but you're gone.
Now I have no one to lean on.
Cause you took everything from me.
Wasted time it's on my mind.
Thanks for playing with my mind.
I don't care I've got myself.
I've got my friends that's all I need.
Wasted time that's all it is)
Wasted time is on my mind and I never know what it is to be.
Been dealt these cards of shit but I'm sitting here and dealing with it.
Everyday I look outside and see the grey remains of fall and I question all the things i think.
Do really give a shit if you're still here with me?

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