The Act Of Rebellion lyrics

Rating: 3.87
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Album(s)Thelema 6.66

fucked by hecate
yet I shall not be yours
no fantasies nor the promised grace
I will chase you down
rid me ov slavery
strengthen up my mind
with a bliss from below
call me not, never, bow ye down, honour
ride the southern blaze, lighting up my throne
see me star arise, hear my nature's call
I summon the beast, call loud out its name
will never to fall, yet to be restored
heal me not, never, bow ye down, honour
te'o enashet anakaelo hecate seloen es esseka a
eloeono tee beyes emeggiel ekse derete ena'tiru
kaeon per'aa a emiel eschetar esie kau neres

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