Snake Oil lyrics

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(s macdonald)
I've an appointment today with a cultural slave to the snakepit called the music biz
So I'm hanging around just to meet this clown who lies and says the pleasure is his
He seems to think I'll be impressed by the hair upon his chest
'Cause his shirt's unbuttoned down to his navel
He begins to decree that the problem is me
I want out of here as soon as I'm able
Snake oil man
He draws a line in the sand
And he dares you to cross it
'Cause he knows that you won't
Take it all away
Sell it for gain
Take away everything
And you can never have it again
He praises to excess the current success of a new band past the million mark
That was two years ago and he should have known that today nobody knows who they are
His ideals revolve around how we should kneel down
And give service to his symbol of power
I've got myself in a jam 'cause I don't know where I am
I've had enough of this waste of an hour
The uphill climb
Is not worth the time
How can he sleep at night
Power is a crime

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