I Would've Liked Me A Lot Last Night lyrics

Rating: 4.12
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Artist(s)Arab Strap

I need them for my headaches, I need them for skin.
We need it for a night out and sometimes for a night in.
The room stinks of poppers, the bog's full of bile.
At least I'm not shitting blood again.
I always sat it's worst in the while.
I hear we had a good time. I hear I was a riot.
I would've like me a lot last night, I could've put me to shame last night.
I feel out with a lover, I fell out with my friends.
I'm still trying to work out where the weekend ends.
No solids on Sunday, we can eat in the week.
You said I was fucked - you got some fucking cheek
I hear we had a good time. I hear I was a right laugh.
I really loved you a lot last night. I could've hugged you to death last night.

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