The Farewell lyrics

Rating: 2.88
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Album(s)Legacy Of Love

I wanted to five on top of a mountain
but it's cold and forsaken there without you now
I wanted to dive into the ocean of love
but I got shipwrecked on the shores of broken dreams
For you I sang songs of the nightswan
and each line I wrote was a beat of my heart
Forever burning on love's funeral pyre:
Stop beating now, my bleeding heart!
For this knife did cut too deep
so for the last time I'm trying not to breathe
Once there was a fire in the lighthouse of my heart:
I gave you so much more than just my love
and you broke so much more than just a promise
Our planet vanished so devastatingly amongst the mists of time
There was no treasure to be found
at Rainbow's End somewhere behind Andromeda
I've been waiting till the end of december
but no more will I ride for the winter solstice's child
will pass away silently on a midsummer's night
So may you come now, my Dead Romantic Angel
serenade Kyrahnean Hymns to me
Hold me in your arms cover me with elder flowers
and lake me down to my beloved sea
I'm so tired, so tremendously tired
Please wait for me under the midnight sun
where I will sing and dance again
and my laughter will be heard echoing down the hillside again...
Oh, how I tried to believe, how I loved,
How I tried to hold on to my dream.
How I wanted to live - but now I'm going home
to a place where love is more than just a four-letter word
and as I kiss the memory of yours goodnight
I'm beginning to see the light...

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