Forever I Ride lyrics

Rating: 2.68
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Album(s)Legacy Of Love

As the autumn wind blows hard in crawling devastation
I was not prepared to find fate in a state of rage
Love once seemed so strong to me, promising salvation
another Tragedie d'amour appearing on life's stage
And again he hears the raven's cry...
I'm strucked down without warning
with your words like cyanide
She left me In the morning but forever I will ride
And forever ride...
Suddenly I'm lost inside tremendous aberration
Songs that used to make me glad now make me wanna cry
Restlessly I'm walking empty streets up to the station
Standing there in silence as the trains keep passing by
And he turns his face towards the sky...
The stars fade in the dawning.
But the door's still opened wide
And still I am adorning, but forever I will ride
And forever I ride...
In love from the first time that I saw you and the fire in your eyes
Take me to your sea of flowers Hold me as the wind shakes the rye
Lady of the Lake: I long to be with you
Burning streams like ours cannot disband
The mist it spreads your name in early morning dew
Forever shall you be Queen of the Land
Incense leaving trails of smoke
A vision of us fasting our hands
Angels laying siege to my heart
and I shall not longer withstand
Lady of the Lake: I long to be with you
This love of ours will never ever end
May the silver moon make alt our dreams come true
Forever shall you be Queen of the Land
Hear the song of the waves
Storm's calling up thunder and light
A premature grave overgrown by black lillles of night
Hekate arise!
Bring back the love of my life!
Rain falls down, it soaks my cloak on this cold grey morning
I missed the last train that could have me taken back to you!
There's no use in staying here waiting for the dawning
The fool Just saddles up again as if he always knew
and again he hears the raven's cry

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