The Sea lyrics

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Album(s)Legacy Of Love

Down In the gutter of broken hearts
I lie in 8 months time died the love of my life
Wounds cut so deep: Will I ever forget
that you crept away like a thief in the night
And I'm standing on top of a mountain
Crying bereavement to the stars
Will I make my way without you?
Will I ever get over you?
Oh, this room It seems so strange now
'cause your laughter still echoes inside
Withered roses will never bloom again
Carry my weight: Those memories of you!
Once t felt that you loved me
These days are over, now we're through
Our secret garden lost forever
I never thought you could be that cruel
In cold blood you walked away!
Take me down to the sea
Take me to my last resort d'Amour
Take me down to the sea
Down there my lover's waiting
She has come for our last rendez-vous
Singing, dancing, dreaming
Drowning in the waves of tears that never dry
Drowning in the waves of love that never dies
I saw a shadow on the shadow of her smile
Dream-like strains wake me up at night
The memory of her presence faded long ago
like a vanished trail of smoke
I try In vain to recollect the time
of a love that we once shared
Fragments of her voice come haunting me at nigh
How I wished I could turn back time
Her name once written down In my diary now frozen between the lines
Gone like last winter's frostwork on the window - Will I ever understand?
Still there's a shadow on the shadow of her smile
Gates of time can never be crossed twice
The frostwork of our love melted all away
but when we die our songs remain!
And comes the winter of our lives
we're trying to keep us warm
with the ashes of our fading memories
Once frostwork's fallen on the ground
You can never bring it back
It's melting without bound
Nights are so cold and empty without you
Still your scent lingers on in my room
Trying to set sails for a new horizon
Trying to keep the candle alight!
Still I'm standing on top of the mountain
with my soul floating to the stars
Songs of love and loss while the night
of this new moon does conceal my bleeding heart!
No regrets - I won't look back in anger
Even If it's so hard to forget
Will I survive yet another dark winter
til snow will melt and rivers do flow?
And our time did not last forever
Though our love It seemed so pure
While I face the light of a new day
Hope these memories fade away
How I wished they'd fade away!

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