Requiem Ex Sidhe lyrics

Rating: 2.98
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Album(s)Cantara Anachoreta

And will the vows be heard
Of immortal desire
A breathtaking darkness
Into the abyss we dive
As you were mine
And as memories fade
Just tike trails of smoke
On a midwinter's night
You kept holding me tight
As you were mine
On came the nights
When stormclouds veiled the skies
All heavens stood still
And all the worlds did collide
"Forgive me - I failed!"
Lovelorn I will die
Nothing more than a dream
That you were mine
And when the time has come
Everything ends
But this love of ours
It leaves us behind
As you were mine
In my cold white hands
A lover's bequest
There were stars on our side
Oh Eva - just one last caress
For your were mine
"My friend: The most precious gift"
Said the tool,
"Is a love that follows no rule!
There's no use in turning away!

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