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Apology For an Accident lyrics

Rating: 4.08
Song Details
Artist(s)American Music Club

When you left you took all memory of me with
Leaving me with no hope of every being loved
And now like the air I¡¯m blowing and blowing
With no hope of ever being seen
Did you hear the one about Mr. Ed
Well he said,
";I¡¯m this way because of the things I¡¯ve seen
But I would rather count on your love instead
Daily eating my weight in hay.";
And I hate to see a good thing just go to waste
Honey it¡¯s a little weak for my taste
Well I¡¯ve been praying a lot lately
It¡¯s because I no longer have a TV
Just a flourescent hangover to light the way
Between the things you say and the things I see
I just called you up to see If you wanted to go out
and drink a little wine
And waste some time on a rollercoaster ride
But you say it¡¯s too dangerous to lead an empty life
And I hate to see all your sweet words just go to waste
But honey they¡¯re a little weak for my taste
Well I¡¯m an expert in all things that nature abhors
Your look of disgust when I touched your skin
And I try to figure what the world needs me for
So I replay the scene again and again
And I can see you try and put me in my place
Honey that¡¯s a little weak for my taste

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